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The Accutane Recovery Kit is for those individuals who have suffered from Accutane related Hair Loss. This Kit is recommended and assembled by William Gaunitz after treating numerous people with Accutane related hair loss.

The Kit contains Step 1 and Step 2 of the Accutane Recovery process.

Step 1: Quick Round of Liver Detox

Due to the fact that Vitamin A impacts the liver, you want to first cleanse the liver and boost the immune system. I recommend our Liver Detox Tea and Bentonite Detox to achieve this. It takes one month and can be used with other products without discomfort. I recommend to do this again six months after the first Detox simply to keep the system cleansed

Additionally begin and continue with the FoliGrowth Ultra Hair Growth Vitamin after the initial detox period to ensure proper hair growth nutrient suppy and ongoing herbal liver detoxification.

Step 2: Topical Hair Growth Stimulus

You need to use something to “kick start” or restimulate the hair follicles after the damage caused by Accutane. Minoxidil is good product for this. But in many cases, people with Accutane related hair loss have developed very sensitive skin. Because of this they need to use something that is powerful, but is also gentle enough for the recovering health of the scalp. I recommend our Advanced Trichology® HairStem topicals or HairStem kit for this portion of the treatment. It is used once daily at night before bed and has been consistently used very successfully with Accutane related hair loss. It is recommended to continue with the Advanced Trichology® Pm and PmB Topical Scalp Serums for 6 to 12 months.

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Needed something like this product

I had to find something to use after I lost hair due to accutane. I have been able to really grow my hair back. I was really upset after I lost so much hair and this has helped alot.