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HairStem DHT Blocking Treatment Shampoo (HairStem Anti-Bacterial Treatment Shampoo)

4.90 stars, based on 10 reviews
Block DHT, Norish the Scalp, and Cleanse the Follicle with the HairStem Clinical Formulation ShampooHairStem DHT Blocking Shampoo is the most complete shampoo for preserving hair and avoiding hair loss from all angles. Our HairStem formulation is a...
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Amazing for Inflammation

This shampoo really helps with relieving my ongoing inflammation scalp problem.

It has TONS of the best ingredients to fight microbial infestation and other types of infections.

Highly recommanded!

Best Yet

I have used Gaunitz Hair Sciences product for a long time. I just started using the HairStem 360 about 3 months ago. It has actually stopped my scalp itching entirely and scalp feels the best its felt in years.

Thank for keeping it real and updated.

By far the best and most effective shampoo to use

By far the best and most effective shampoo to use, also the safest.

Like any product you must use this consistently and it really works.

Good products

This cleans my scalp so well! I like the smell also.

Great product

I've been using this product for a couple years and, although it doesn't seem to make a lot of hair grow back, it certainly preserves what I have. I would recommend this product to anyone with hair loss.

Great shampoo

This shampoo really makes my scalp feel clean. I like all the stuff in it that promotes hair growth.

Helped my scalp problems

I had a lot of inflammation and issues on my scalp. This shampoo made the redness go away and really makes my scalp feel healthy and clean.

It worked for me.

I was originally looking to purchase a well advertised hair growth product that is frequently advertised on the radio. After reading several reviews about this product I decided against my purchase. While reading those reviews I came across several reviews about Evolution Hair Care products working for others. I decided to start the shampoo and see what happened. The worst could be that I didn't grow any and I prayed that I didn't loose any additional hair. Well am I surprised! (and so is my hairstylist). After one month of using the product I saw new growth. Little spring sprouts. My hairstylist of 10 years noticed too. She has had to cut my hair monthly now and not every three. I am very grateful for how Evolution Hair Care products are working for me. Thank you.


I didn't believe that there was a product out there that really grew hair. I was sceptical even about Evolution products but I tried the anyway and all I have to say is "Thank you". My hairstylist is amazed at the growth that has happened. I will continue to use your products because they are worth every penny.,

Very happy with this shampoo

This is a natural and effective shampoo that cleanses well without harsh chemicals or over drying my hair. My scalp feels clean and less irritated. Hair is less oily the day after shampooing since I shampoo every other day. Having a healthier scalp helps with hair loss. My hair does seem slightly thicker after use

Reviews 1-10 of 10