Advanced Trichology® PM & PMb - Scalp Serum Topical Formula Pack  topical, minoxidil 5%, retin-a, azelaic acid, green tea, panthenol,Propylene Glycol Free Minoxidil with Azeliac Acid and Retinoic Acid

Advanced Trichology® PM & PMb - Scalp Serum Topical Formula Pack (Topical Kit)

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The Advanced Trichology® HairStem PM and PMb Topical Formulas are the next generation of the the once daily Advanced Trichology Topical Formula Scalp Serums.Time Tested and proven effective, the Topical Scalp Serum Minoxidil Set boasts may unique...
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Cumming, GA

This is our 3rd purchase of this product and all I can say is my husband's hair looks great! He is very happy. My hair has not done as well but I am still happy with what I am seeing.


Amazing results

I normally do not write reviews or ANYTHING, but I find that I have to for this product as I want to help other women (or men) that have literally been saved by this. Two and a half years ago I was told that my hair thinning on top was so far gone that I would only be able to restore it with a "hair system". This meant a piece of woven human hair topper glued on to the top of my scalp and requiring monthly visits to adjust and re glue it. I was devastated and started searching the internet for ANY other solution. I came across this site and actually talked to William Gaunitz. He encouraged me to try his system before going with the "glued on piece " and said if his system did not work, I always had the glue on thing as an option but this would be my last chance to grow my own hair back. Well, I am so glad I took his word for that! Now after 2 and a half years my hair continue to get better and better. It is long and full on top now. I wish I had a picture of what it used to look like but I was so humiliated by how awful and old it made me look I did not save any. This product surpassed ALL expectations and I will use this two formulas forever. Thanks you, thank you for giving me my life and my hair back. I am a 63 year old women who looks 15 years younger, mainly due to my hair how it is now. I am a real person and this review is so real.

Best Hair Regrowth Product for Women

I've used this product for several years. People constantly compliment me on the thickness and volume of my hair. I had tried Rogaine and its generic but it left my scalp dry, itchy, and full of dead, flaky skin. Although this requires a constant nightly routine, it only takes minutes.

Easy fix

I thought this would be goopy and grosss but it goes on easy and absorbs quickly. I don't think it smells bad- especially once it dries. I noticed my hair is growing back on the top of my head already.

Finally something that works

These are great for growing my hair. I have been using them for about 5 months and am really happy with results.

Good products

These helped my hair grow back on the top of my head. I was really thinning out and this helped me really fill in. I have used them for about a year.

Great set

I have been using these for about 11 months. I am really happy with how much more hair I now have. I tried other products in the past and never got this good of results.

I think these are great!

I have tried a few other minoxidyl formulas over the last couple of years. I really like these. They are easy to use and I started seeing my hair grow after 2 months.

Alexandria, VA

It works!

I used this product in the past and it worked great. I stopped using it for approximately 8 - 9 months and experience significant hair loss. I started using it again and I can see a big difference in my hair growth. I am very happy with the results and will keep using this product.

Strong, non-irritating

I've tried various Minoxidil formulations over the year. At some point, they all caused irritation. These products do not.

The Best Minoxidil Product On The Market

I'm a natural food and health type of guy and I am very strict with what I'll put into or on my body. I searched far and wide and spent many hours trying to hunt down the 5% minoxidil product that had the best and cleanest ingredient list and that was manufactured in America or some country with some kind of regulation (not China).

This was the best. No propylene glycol or petroleum products. All natural added ingredients. Manufactured in Pennsylvania. Azeliac and Retinol which might help along with the minoxidil.

The product is definitely superior to the one other brand I had tried with inferior ingredients. No irritation on the scalp at all. My only minor complaint is that the PMb has a very strong smell from the tea trea oil. It tends to linger for a long time, especially if you get any in your hair. Enough so that I think someone close enough might get a whiff.

I'm glad that there's a Minoxidil product of this quality on the market. I hope they never try and outsource the product or cheapen the ingredients, cause this is a winner.

this really helped me

I really like this product. I tried many other products and never noticed a difference. This started working within about 3 months or so and now my bald spot is nearly filled in!

Reviews 1-12 of 12