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Asatex Swiss Hair Formula For Hair Loss (Asatex)

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A formula for men and women to improve the appearance and texture of fine and thinning hairPRECAUTIONS FOR USEFor external use onlyASATEX® contains alcohol. Keep away from open flame. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of accidental eye contact rinse...
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I feel like it's a little early to give a review as these things take time to reach maximum benefit but I have used this product daily for about 35 days so far. I feel like my hair and scalp are healthier and my shedding has slowed. I will be reordering and giving it a little more time.


So far so good. I'm seeing quite a few new hairs coming in at my widow's peak. That's what I use to see if any new hair is coming in. Looks like it's working!

Changes in hair texture

Not really seeing any hair regrowth BUT am definitely seeing a change in texture with my hair feeling thicker and softer.

eh, I didn't see much difference

I wasn't that impressed by this product. It didn't appear to do much, maybe I would have to give it another month, who knows.

Great product

I ordered this product and have been using it for the last 2 weeks. Hair fall has stopped. The packaging is very convenient and easy to use. Have been advised to use this product along with another serum.

Croton on Hudson

I think it works

I didn't want to write a review until I'd given the product over a month's assessment. I have re-ordered prior to this posting.

I suffer from thinning hair in the frontal-hairline area (old age, "the changes":)

No fragrance, no side-effects, no oily or drying effect.

After 3-4 weeks use as directed I noticed new hair growing in (I couldn't imagine why that area had "bumps"). My now white hair has new BLACK hair growing in and my brushing and shampooing have fewer hairs that decided to leave the family!

Look...I very rarely write reviews. I'm posting my truth and experience only. I take this topic very seriously as I know you do.

Proven by Clinical Studies

This product has clinically proven studies. You must use as directed, initially for 3 months and then a maintenance schedule of use. Considering the hair cycle, it can take 3-6 months to begin seeing results (if this type of treatment works for your particular cause of hair loss). In my case, I realized much less shedding.

Shedding Hair Greatly Improved

I have used this product as directed. I tried this due to the supporting clinical studies and research from legitimate sources. I have much less shedding and I plan to continue use of the product as directed.

Reviews 1-8 of 8