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3. Extreme Hair Loss or Baldness in Any Given Area for WomenFor the most dramatic results from a home care program, you need to be using the most powerful products at your disposal. This kit contains the same items as the Extreme Hair Loss...
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Hair loss has stopped

I ordered the LC Elite Women's Extreme Hair Loss Treatment Kit and have been using a little over one month now. I'm not sure which part of the treatment is helping, but I can honestly say that my hair loss has almost stopped. I clean out my round brush daily after blow drying, in order to keep track of my hair loss and to my surprise there were only 3 strands on the brush today vs 10 -12 strands before. I do not see new hair growth or thicker yet, but I'm hoping and praying that happens soon because I've been thinning for a while and have lost a lot of hair. Once I get my hair back I will give it 5 stars. I would like to know from Evolution how often and for how long I should wear the LC pro cap at this point.

It works for me

<p>I am 60 years old. I had been losing hair for 10 years. I know the menopause was to blame for my thinning hair. I spoke with one the doctors at the clinic. She told me that I needed this set of products to help get my hair back. I have been using everything most of the time. I use the laser the most consistently.</p><p>I only use some of the products on mondays and thursdays because that is when i wash my hair. </p><p>I feel like things are going better. My daughter says she sees a difference. it has only been 3 months but i think its working. </p><p>I also like the people at the clinic. They are very nice when i call.</p>

Love it!


I first spoke with William 8 months ago. It took me 2 months to finally purchase this kit after my phone consultation. The kit came as the staff said with all the instruction on how to use all of the product.

At first it seemed overwhelming but after couple days I got in the routine of doing the everything daily. I was not washing my hair daily before I started with Evolution. that was the biggest adjustment.

It has now been 6 months and WOW!!!!! My hair loss amazing. In 6 month like I have started to regrow at least half of what i lost. My hair loss totally stopped falling out and has alot more body. The biggest difference is along the frontal hair line where i needed it the most. I am SOOOOO happy with this. Yes, it is not the cheapest thing but it is worth every penny.

I would highly recommend this process to any woman losing hair.

So Far So Good


I like all the products so far. there is a clear difference in my hair. thanks. i will keep using them.

Reviews 1-4 of 4